Resources for dyslexic children

Helping your dyslexic child through their learning journey can be overwhelming.  We have created our Membership Area with Mums and Dads in mind, to make learning at home manageable and fun.  Sign up to receive unlimited access to enjoyable and effective learning resources, videos and advice.

What do I get?

Printable resources to teach a child with dyslexia

It’s difficult for parents to have the knowledge, let alone the resources, to support a child with dyslexia. The Membership Area includes an ongoing supply of tried and tested specialist learning activities for 5 to 12-year olds to enjoy completing at home.  All resources aim to harness the visual and practical strengths that dyslexics typically have.

You can expect activities to help with high frequency words and phonic patterns, nifty tricks to learn spellings, tasks to encourage fabulous writing, and games to support maths skills.

Sample Video

Videos to support parents with dyslexic children

We know it’s not easy finding time to understand the ins and outs of dyslexia. You won’t need to spend hours researching with our Membership Area. You can access videos explaining how dyslexia impacts learning and how to support your child – all in one place.


"Kim has been a godsend and has been with me in Casper’s corner since the very beginning. He was lucky enough to have her on his journey with him from the age of 5. She has been there to teach him, to give him strategies, to communicate with teachers and to steady both his and my course. She has always been the guiding force behind his progression and is the guiding light ahead of him waiting for the next step."

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