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Private Specialist Tutoring

Teaching a dyslexic child is very different to normal teaching, and your child will have their own unique profile which means certain methods will suit them better.  I first like to gather an understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and the way they learn.

My approach is gentle and calm. I tailor all my resources and methods to suit your child using a multi-sensory approach that is fun and different to what they experience at school. I aim to ensure that basic skills, fundamental in learning, become automatic.

Cost £50.00 per hour


"When it became clear that our son needed additional support Kim was able to provide a thorough and detailed assessment as to why and where he was struggling. Although her findings were at first daunting, and in some cases upsetting, her gentle, empathetic approach allowed us to understand her comprehensive findings with clarity. Kim's focus on the positive aspects of his testing was uplifting and reassuring. We knew that having her on board was the best possible support for him. She is unfailingly supportive and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

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