This is a brilliant app by MadeByEducators, for younger children learning to write and spell.

It is suitable for Android and Apple. There is a free ‘Lite’ version or the full version can be bought for £2.99. It is ideal for age 4+.

It is a fun way to practise cursive writing and learn spellings.  It is bright, colourful, motivating and engaging – I have found it incredibly effective particularly for spelling, my students love it – spelling becomes fun and less of a chore!

There is loads of evidence to show that words can become rooted in a child’s motor memory when practised in cursive writing – we want as many words as possible to be written and spelt automatically.

You can set your child’s weekly spelling words into the app and they can practise writing them.  It is brilliant for people with dyslexia because it is visual with a sound element – reinforcing letter-sound links.

When your child is writing a word, the less they have to think about:

… the more energy and time they have to think about the content of their writing – automaticity is the key!

Skills Practised

  1. Single letter formation in cursive
  2. Whole word formation in cursive
  3. Spelling of the top 100 high-frequency words
  4. Spelling of chosen words

Additional Skills Gained

  1. Eye Tracking and scanning
  2. Hand-eye co-ordination
  3. The sound that attaches itself to each letter
  4. You can also practise words in other languages
crazy cursive 1
crazy cursive 2
crazy cursive 3

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