I would add a new app every Friday that I have found brilliant for supporting or reinforcing skills. This is one of my current favourites for maths, all the boys I teach love it – this is what I call stealthy learning!

It is an iOS game available on the App Store for £1.99.  Suitable for age 6+.

It is a fun game where you build rockets and send them into space.  There are different levels, start at a level where your child can achieve and get to grips with the game first.  Any number reinforcement is right, and we want these necessary maths skills to have become fast and automatic.

Maths Skills Practised:

  1. Money - to build the rocket, you need to buy the parts.
  2. Number facts (e.g. numbers less than 10 or 100)
  3. Addition and subtraction
  4. Times tables
  5. Time
  6. Shape

Additional Skills Gained

  1. Eye Tracking and scanning
  2. Fast hand-eye co-ordination
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Aerodynamics
mathmateer 1
mathmateer 2
mathmateer 3

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