This was written by one of my beautiful students, who is an absolute inspiration! 

"I have found it difficult at school because so many teachers forget that I am dyslexic and don’t understand how to deal with it properly. Some still dictate notes and move on before checking that I have caught up with them and I am embarrassed to ask them to slow down, and they tell me off for not finishing it. They also write on whiteboards and rub it off before I have written it all down. It seems to make some of them cross that I can’t always keep up.

Now my reading is much better but still a little slow, and sometimes I don’t fully understand what I have read because I have read it so slowly. I have learnt to type which helps in exams and some lessons and now use my iPad to take photos of the whiteboard to make sure I have the notes. I use a reader pen sometimes, but it takes getting used to."

I don’t mind being dyslexic, but I have to work harder than everyone else, and it is tiring.

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