Developing vocabulary is incredibly important. Often our children find it challenging to find the right word to say or write, but they may have an incredible imagination. Expectations of their writing are low, and this shouldn’t be the case!!

Learning and using a fabulous word is empowering (and never impossible!). Encourage your children to have at least five unusual words that they can use in their writing. My sons 5 top fav’s are: evil, malodorous, languid, ominous and annihilate (he rather likes the bleak genre of writing).

Often people with dyslexia choose basic vocabulary because they can’t spell the word, tell them not to worry, as long as the word can be worked out phonetically, it is far better using right words (you get more marks for content than spelling!).

I have recently discovered Mrs Wordsmith’s ‘Storyteller’s Word a Day’ is a brilliant, hilarious, brightly coloured format, perfect for our dyslexic children’s memories. The images are instantly memorable because they are colourful and ridiculous. You can also explore the word in more detail (in a simple mind map format) – perfect for those curious minds.

Get your child to practise reading and writing the word in lots of colours, sound it out in chunks as they write it, e.g. tem – pes – tu – ous. Have a bit of fun making a silly rhyme.

… remember that it takes time to learn words, they need to be practised different ways (seeing, hearing, doing) so they can ‘glue’ into those smart brains forever.

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