Being dyslexic is hard!
It takes time to learn words.
It is tiring.
You have to learn spelling patterns.
Reading, writing and spelling are my difficulties.
I get scared that people are going to laugh at me.
I wonder if everyone thinks I am stupid?
I feel like I am on my own.
When I achieve, I feel successful,
I feel like I can finally do it,
I feel like one of them, but I am not!
It takes time to get over dyslexia, but it is ok because I am not on my own. We just need more time!
There are people who look out for you
and help you and just because
you are slow at one thing does not mean
that you are slow at everything!

By Georgina Wyrley-Birch (age 10)

My daughter wrote this at school a few years ago, and she had an awful experience when she was between 6 and 8 years old, at a school, which did not understand or believe in dyslexia. Luckily, we were able to move her, but sadly, a lot of damage had been done. She is a confident, outgoing girl at home, but she suffers from terrible anxiety related to school work, even when the work is well within her comfort zone – this specific anxiety became a default setting.

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