There is no doubt that as soon as reading takes off, things at school become much more comfortable. When decoding becomes unnecessary, their real ability starts to shine through.

It takes a long time for a word to lodge into the brain of a dyslexic; they need to be repeated, repeated exposure. We want the bank of words in their long-term memory to grow and grow.

I encourage reading slightly easier (younger) books, and it doesn’t matter what – as long as they can enjoy and engage in the story.

Remember reading to your child is also excellent – gently encourage them to have a go by reading one word at a time, then perhaps a sentence. Slow and steady!!

My book of the week is:
You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum
by Andy Stanton.
Have a look at the website

This is Book 1 of a fantastic series. They are hilarious, with very wacky plots and colourful characters. The writing is imaginative, slightly bonkers and suits those children with vast imaginations and great lateral thinking.

This book got both my boys when aged 9 -10, finally enjoying reading and it was the first full book they had ever read. (* Note my daughter didn’t enjoy the stories – so it isn’t for everyone!)

Why it is suitable for (some) dyslexic readers:

  1. Short pages
  2. Creamy yellow pages (reduces visual stress)
  3. A right mix of short and long sentences
  4. Lots of illustrations
  5. Humour
  6. The word spacing is slightly bigger than normal
  7. Fabulous funky fonts

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