My Fantastic Elastic Brain

by JoAnn Deak, illustrated by Sarah Ackerley

I think this is such a beautiful, positive book for dyslexic children.  It is full of beautiful, visual examples that explain how your brain works and is brilliant for those naturally curious, dyslexic minds.

The vital message to stress is that all brains can grow and change.  Learning and practising skills help you learn, and things get easier the more you do them.  Our children need a little more ‘stretching and practising’ than other children.

The book explains how neural pathways are made, and one of the advantages for people with dyslexia is that their brains make even more neural pathways as they try and work their way around their difficulties.  Finding things hard now does not mean they will always be hard.  Mistakes are good!

my fantastic elastic brain 1
my fantastic elastic brain 2
my fantastic elastic brain 3

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