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Senior Workshop
Dyslexia workshop for parents of children aged 9 – 12


A jam-packed workshop to help you support your child, who may have a diagnosis of dyslexia or is falling behind at school.

The Aim

Difficulties develop into obstacles because of the increased need for children to read and write larger volumes, quickly and accurately.  This dyslexia workshop will help you understand why your child is not progressing in line with their peers, what they go through each day at school and how you can help.

I will also explain the typically weak cognitive functions found in dyslexics which impact how they acquire academic skills e.g. memory, sound processing, visual processing and motor co-ordination.

What this dyslexia workshop covers

Help with understanding

Why reading, spelling and maths may be hard. Why converting ideas and information into writing is difficult.  Why following instructions and copying from a board may be tricky.

Helpful technology

Explaining the technology that can make a significant difference such as apps, laptops, reading and writing packages for dyslexics, typing programmes, dictation software, etc.

Extra help at school

Additional arrangements allowed by exam boards such as extra time, use of a laptop instead of writing, having a reader or a scribe, etc.

Helping with anxiety

How to understand and reduce the devastating impact of anxiety.

Helping at home

Simple, multi-sensory methods and training. For example:

  • colourful techniques to help with decoding longer words
  • strategies to help engage when reading passages and books
  • how to boost comprehension  
  • fun ways to learn and remember spellings
  • how to get brilliant ideas onto paper
  • how to support with maths such as times tables, fractions, algebra etc.

Other Information

Buffet lunch, tea and coffee provided.

Workshop Dates


"I really appreciated the overview you presented, I loved your relaxed, informal style and your many anecdotes gave excellent substance to the material."

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